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We are here to bring moving companies across the United States of America qualified leads that are unique to their area. Through our aggressive marketing campaign we connect with customers and give them the option of finding good licensed movers in their area and one of those licensed companies could be you. So be the company that is actively getting the new business not the one that is sat there waiting for the phone to ring.

All of our leads are verified so you know you are getting 100% real time legitimate leads. We have a calling center that takes the client call and lets them know a local, licensed moving company will call them back. This way the client that calls through to us is getting a legitimate moving company which will be “you” to call them back and give them a quote to close the lead.


Fast Movers USA
Date: Feb 12 2018
"My business slows down in the winter as not many people are moving so I need every lead I can get. I tried this service and I was very happy with the amount of business they sent me to keep me going through the tough months. I recommend them to anyone looking to generate some extra business."
Green Movers LA
Date: May 06 2018
"I am always buying leads because if you are not these days your business is going to fail, lucky for me I found this company a year ago and they have constantly provided me good quality leads and I manage to close 5 % of them which more than pays for my marketing budget."
Ruben Kabotinsky
Date: Aug 25 2018
"Moving Leads Providers have been the most favorable source to get my moving leads and they are the easiest to deal with because they don’t have any contracts to sign or get locked in to and you can just work on a monthly basis with them which is great. The customer service is fantastic and I have never had any issues with them."

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